How to add new li to ul on click with JavaScript?

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To add new li to ul on click with JavaScript, we use the appendChild method.

For instance, we write

<ul id="list">
  <li id="element1">One</li>
  <li id="element2">Two</li>
  <li id="element3">Three</li>

to add a ul element.

Then we write

document.body.onclick = () => {
  const ul = document.getElementById("list");
  const li = document.createElement("li");

to add a click listener to the body element by setting the document.body.onclick property to a function that gets the ul with getElementById.

And then we create an li element with createElement.

Then we append the li element with a text node created with createTextNode.

And we call ul.appendChild to append the li to the ul.

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